Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"The Authentic Ethnic Experience"

Pet Peeve #4: Anyone (but especially white people) accusing minorities of "acting white" implying an inauthentic ethnic experience.

Example: Ralph Nader accusing Barack Obama of "talking white."


(new piano, June 2008)

Our house has acquired a piano, and so what was established as the social area known as "around the beer fridge" has become a piano parlor.

I've been reluctant to get a piano of my own since I left Las Vegas, partly because I didn't have any place to put it and couldn't keep moving it back and forth across the country and Pacific Ocean. But realistically, it's because I suspected that I couldn't play as well as I did in high school, and I didn't want to actually face it. But since this one was free, and 3/5 of the house wanted it, we are now the proud owners of a baby grand.

I've been slowly working up to par on Rachmaninoff's Prelude in C Sharp Minor. And just as suspected, I am not as good as high school. Shocker. But it's surprising how quickly it's been coming back. After my band director said that for every day you don't play, you backslide two, I expected that it would have taken approximately eleventy-billion years to get back to that level.

on the list for dream dog

(K, at the bike-making class final exam and party)

Very cute dog. Cute, but jaded. It wouldn't look at you when you whistled, ignored you when you called to it, and moved quickly away when you tried to pet it (but not in a "I'm-scared-and-possibly-abused" but in a "I-cannot-condescend-to-your-physical-contact").

So really, it would almost be like getting a cat.

Monday, June 23, 2008

New Start

I definitely have a talent for excelling at starting things, but performing less-than-satisfactorily at ending it. Case in point: I've been knitting a neck cowl for the last 4 months. By this, I mean that started the neck cowl 4 months ago, put it down, and haven't revisited it since.

This blog is in line with that habit (except possibly not so dependent on weather -- it's hard to motivate knitting a neck cowl when it's 98 degrees out). I'm trying to make a fresh start, clear the plate, etc. cliche etc. I'm trying to be more responsible for documenting my life. I'm in my last year of my 20s; next year will bring on another decade and set of external pressures. I'd like to think I spent this year doing interesting things upon which I can reflect fondly. At the very least, I am crossing my fingers that this isn't as cringe-inducing as my high school journals. Boy, was I an asshole.