Monday, June 23, 2008

New Start

I definitely have a talent for excelling at starting things, but performing less-than-satisfactorily at ending it. Case in point: I've been knitting a neck cowl for the last 4 months. By this, I mean that started the neck cowl 4 months ago, put it down, and haven't revisited it since.

This blog is in line with that habit (except possibly not so dependent on weather -- it's hard to motivate knitting a neck cowl when it's 98 degrees out). I'm trying to make a fresh start, clear the plate, etc. cliche etc. I'm trying to be more responsible for documenting my life. I'm in my last year of my 20s; next year will bring on another decade and set of external pressures. I'd like to think I spent this year doing interesting things upon which I can reflect fondly. At the very least, I am crossing my fingers that this isn't as cringe-inducing as my high school journals. Boy, was I an asshole.

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