Sunday, January 25, 2009

bread-making, round 3

So, after 2 failed attempts to make bread loaves, I said "suck it, loaf pan" and went for a boule recipe instead.

I got the recipe from The Bread Bible. Initially, I had been really frustrated with this book. It felt super exact, like if I was off by .25 g of yeast, the whole bread loaf would cave in on itself upon baking. She calls for creating a steam bath within the oven with ice cubes and a baking sheet. And there is an ENTIRE CHAPTER ON SOURDOUGH.

With the first two bread loaves that I made (recipes also from this book), rising was the biggest issue. I had used active dry yeast (which is what I had), but the book mostly calls for instant yeast in all the recipes. I finally grabbed some Fleischmann's Rapid Rise yesterday, and braced myself for a day of kneading and rising.

I'm strategically hiding the slightly burned surface in the photo. Underneath is awesomely light brown (and unburned). The good news is that rising was not an issue; the bread expanded as expected, and within the time frame allowed in the recipe. Hooray, boule!

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