Sunday, January 18, 2009

France, Days 4-9

I'm compressing this week into one post, primarily because we spent it in one place, and I was out of commission due to a slight mishap checking out of the hotel in Paris:

Yes, that is a sprained ankle. I missed a step (the LAST step) to the lobby, landed on it sideways, and nearly passed out from the pain. Later, we found out it was just sprained, but at the time, I was terrified that it was broken, and that I would have to get surgery in France, that my insurance company wouldn't reimburse, and it would be this lengthy arbitration process. See, THIS is what happens when you work for a course that teaches health policy in the United States.

Anyways, the manager of the hotel was super nice, and even bandaged up my ankle, called a cab, and looked after me while W went to the pharmacy for acetaminophen and a brace. The cab? Oh, that's because we had to get down to Ballan-Mire to stay with W's family friends. My sister-in-law was an au pair for a family in France, and they are still pretty close.

This family is super-duper nice, very warm, and extremely knowledgeable about wines - more so than the average French family. The oldest son lives in Bordeaux and works as a wine distributor and runs wine tastings for rich people. His children were also staying at the house during this time, and they are adorable.

The middle son is a sommelier and owns his own wine bar/restaurant in Tours.

The youngest son is a teacher in Paris, but knows a ton about wines.

For those most part, we ate and drank a ton, with some intermittent side trips.


Fontevraud Abbey:


All in all, it was super relaxing and the weather was great. In fact, the biggest question, according to Catherine, was "should we eat inside, or outside?"

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