Sunday, January 18, 2009

i am...a homesteader

I've been in the kitchen. A lot.

Maybe it's these uncertain economic times that is nudging me towards becoming more self-sufficient. Maybe it's this weird heat wave that's occurring in Northern California that's making me itch to be outside and enjoy vegetation. Maybe it's that W has been slogging along on his dissertation, and instead of being kind and supportive, I'm being naggy and feeling guilty, and trying to make it up to him by having seemingly endless supplies of granola on hand.

Either way, it means that a lot of food is getting made.

1. Wheat bread

2. Pickled carrots

3. Aforementioned granola

On one hand, all this makes me feel self-sufficient, as though when the apocalypse comes, I'll be ready with my tomato preserves and homemade cheese. On the other hand, it sort of freaks my parents out, because they do not know who this person is that returns home on Christmas, making apple pies and focaccia. The person they sent off to college in 1997 subsisted on Chef Boyardee beef ravioli and Kraft mac n' cheese. It's as if I suddenly became an international spy, or a Republican.

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