Sunday, January 25, 2009

visitor in FX on Saturday, January 24

First day of First Exposures was this Saturday. No N (she had a church function), but I got to work with F which was really great. She's grown so much since I first met her 5 years ago...

Franky discussing her 'zine

That's the thing with this program; it's easy enough to say "I watched these kids grow up," but it's a very different thing when you are actually present for it. It seems to go by so slow, so slow, and then all of sudden your student, who was 12 when you first met, is soon-to-be 18-years-old, graduated from high school, and about to embark on her life. And in the meantime, creating spectacular photographs. We're documenting - and giving them the tools to document - their growth.

(B. Castro, United in Nima exhibition)

As always, there were unexpected surprises in the form of surprise visitors:

Labradoodle visitor
Labradoodle visitor

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