Wednesday, February 4, 2009

FX, January 31

One of the big projects that we're doing in First Exposures this semester is 'zines, which means introducing the students to documentary photography.
Theo Rigby, one of our former mentors, came by to give a presentation about documentary photography. He started the graduate program in documentary film at Stanford this year, and was able to take some time out of what is ostensibly a crazy first year schedule to talk to us.

Theo presenting to class

Some of the great examples he shared with us:

"Chicago 1946-1948," by Wayne Miller.
"Love in the First Person," by Matt and Melissa Eich.
"Under the Radar: Living Undocumented in America," by Theo Rigby (which he mummered embarrassedly that he would edit before showing again).

Afterwards, we broke into groups and worked on mini-'zines, creating stories out of a folder of images that were handed out. N is suprisingly talented in this extremely esoteric skill. Our story consisted of a flower girl, engaged to Lady Gaga's twin brother, but having an affair with an astronaut. The scorned fiance attempted to send both her and the astronaut into a whirling vortex of doom with a kaiten, but it backfired and reverted him to his true form: a sad old man on a bench.

Maybe you had to be there.

Naomi walking Gene through the story
N explaining our story to Gene.

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