Sunday, March 8, 2009


I saw Watchmen last night, and am still in post-flush.

Loved, loved, loved the title sequence. Loved some of the small touches that were added, despite critics' complaints about it being "slavishly reverential to the source work" (the swinging-door hide/reveal of Rorschach closing in on Big Figure is quite refreshing in a movie that revels in open displays of violence). And I even loved the ending, despite changes from the original; it felt a bit more believable, especially considering that you already had to imaginatively backtrack to the ethos of the Cold War.

Speaking of violence, this movie laid bare my bias towards violence vs. sex in entertainment. The scenes that had me burying my face in W's arm? Not the cleaver to the head, or exposed broken bones, or arms being sawed off. No, it was the prolonged sex scene of Dan and Laurie. My Puritan sensibilities were besmirched; bring on the fainting couch.

(Had to post this; found it on a general image search of photos. via Bam! Kapow!)

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