Sunday, April 5, 2009

"We Are Photographers"

One of our big assignments in First Exposures this year was the Adobe Youth Voices project. The program received a grant from Adobe for software, etc. to put this project together. Putting this together was, at times, a pretty frustrating experience, but the end result is totally sweet:

(This was premiered at the "Celebrating Across Cultures" benefit held at SF Camerawork on March 25, 2009.)

Here's the description of the project:
We Are Photographers is a multimedia exploration of the role that photography plays in the lives of youth around the world. Last summer, students from SF Cameraworks First Exposures program traveled to Ghana to explore commonalities across cultures through an exchange with the Ghana Youth Photo Project. This visual collaboration looks at young peoples lives in San Francisco, CA and Accra, Ghana. As an extension of the exhibition "United in Nima", the project made its debut in March 2009.


Molly said...

What a neat project! The video was very fun to watch.

madichan said...

Thanks, Molly! I think we were all super happy with the way it came out.