Wednesday, May 20, 2009

commenters FTW, part 1

So the best part about this article about the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that a female prison guard can strip search a male isn't the actual ruling, which was pretty tame. Here are the details:
The inmate, Charles Byrd, was in Maricopa County's minimum-security Durango Jail awaiting trial in October 2004 when officials ordered searches of everyone in his unit after a series of fights.

Byrd was ordered to strip down to his shorts. A female cadet from a training academy pulled out his waistband, patted down his groin through the shorts and felt his buttocks to check for contraband, the court said. The woman said the search had lasted no more than 20 seconds, while Byrd estimated one minute.

Byrd sued, claiming he had suffered pain and humiliation. A jury found no evidence that the probe had been conducted painfully, and the appeals court upheld a judge's ruling that the search was constitutional.

The best part was the very first recommended comment on SFGate:

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