Wednesday, May 6, 2009

horrifying search for baby shower ideas

Tons of people I know are pregnant right now. Well, maybe just two: my immediate co-worker Julie (22 weeks) and my floormate Molly (16 weeks). Being the cynical, deadened person that I am, I tend not to do lots of squealing and beelines to rub pregnant bellies. We are starting to plan for a baby shower for Julie, and while she looked a bit horrified at the thought, I think we can put together something that complements her personality (decidedly unfussy, somewhat preppy, and definitely NOT warm and fuzzy). I did an initial internets search on for ideas, and this is some of the horrors that emerged:

How is this even OK?

Alright, for people who know me, if there's one thing that is guaranteed to make me totally freak out, it's Anne Geddes or Anne Geddes-inspired stuff

And after that? Precious Moments paraphernalia (and what the hell's a diaper cake, anyway?)

Apparently, there are lots of crazy games you can play, although some seem to involve indirectly mocking how large the mother-to-be is, which I am sure will go over well with a weary, bloated, and self-conscious pregnant lady.


Molly said...

I'm famous! I made it on your blog! Can I request a slice of the boob and maybe the baby's eye? Gross! Hahaha. I'm excited for baby showers. Baby shower games are usually ridiculous. But then again, most party games are. Ha!

Brenda // Phydeaux said...

I would pay big time money to watch you in action in an all out baby shower. :)