Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stanford Commencement 2009

The Stanford Commencement was today, along with the Mechanical Engineering (ME) Department ceremony. I haven't been to a Stanford graduation since my own master's one in 2004. Not a lot has changed. Sandra Day O'Connor spoke in 2004; Anthony Kennedy spoke in 2009. I was simultaneous amused and annoyed with the undergrads' "Wacky Walk" in 2004, just as I was today. There did seem to be an overabundance of howling children (each time a child screeches, my uterus shrivels just a bit).

The ME ceremony was pretty long; there were about 400 people graduating from this department (kids, if you want to get lost in the crowd and have the people with whom you graduate have no idea who you are, ME is the department for you). I'm joking; the high numbers mostly have to do with the diversity of the topics in ME. It also relates to the general definition of "engineer"; when someone says "I'm an engineer" to a layperson, they mean "mechanical engineer." When someone says things like "I'm an aero-astro engineer," they really mean "rocket scientist."

Since Kos had passed in March, Whit and Sun both were hooded by Ken Waldron.

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