Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Casio EX-FC100 high-speed camera

For people more up-to-date about consumer electronics than I am, this is old news. But W and I saw commercials for this baby in Japan, and have been drooling over it ever since.

Casio EX-FC100 high-speed digital still camera

One thing that I do know about high-speed cameras is that they are expensive, and generally out of reach for the average consumer. This little guy is $349.99 (also available in silver), and has the following features:
  • 9.1 megapixels

  • 5X optical zoom

  • 720p HD movies

  • high-speed video up to 1000 fps

  • image stabilization

W wants to use it to review his golf swing. I want to drop things from the roof and watch them break in slow-motion. It's a win-win!

1 comment:

Samalama said...

See, I'm a bit of both: I would definitely go for some golf swing study, and have never shrunk from throwing large fruit from great heights. Hello Christmas shopping!