Sunday, September 6, 2009

let me ride


OK. My housemate K was allowed to test drive a BMW 745Li for 12 hours this weekend (in reality, it will turn out to be about 24 hours since he was able to pick up the car 12 hours earlier). Our house did a 20-minute joyride last night. That car has some "zazz," as E would say.

test drive of BMW 745Li

This is the first luxury car that I've ever been in, and I can see why people never go back. The is the greatest example of invented sumptuousness that I have ever experienced. There were features in this car that I never even knew existed in car form. Like seat massagers. And night vision with pedestrian detection. And 20-way adjustable front seats. And an 80 GB hard drive for storing music, movies, and GPS routes.

And built-in iPhone integration.

Of course, it drove like a dream. There was actually so much room inside that I wasn't able to touch anyone in the front seat from the back.

We then spent about 30 minutes this morning just hanging out in the car in the driveway. We put in a DVD, and spent the rest of the time pushing buttons and pouring over the instruction manual. The guys, of course, wanted to pop the hood to check out the engine.

test drive of BMW 745Li
test drive of BMW 745Li

Despite all this, I probably wouldn't spend an estimated $119,000 on this car. I mean, please. That's almost a house. Or over 2 years of my salary (pre-tax). Or five Honda CR-Vs. But for next car purchase, I think I might hold out for the heated seats :)

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