Thursday, September 10, 2009

revisiting my 2009 summer menu list

I said back in May that there would be some serious summer yumness happening in my kitchen this year. How'd I do?
  • umeshu (plum wine) - made in June, and just sitting on it for a few more weeks.

  • Guiness mustard - did not make :(

  • yogurt - did not make, but still motivated to do so!

  • brandied cherries - done, and delicious over ice cream!

  • cherry pie - sort of; I made a peach pie

  • cherry cobbler - another sort of; I made a nectarine cobbler instead

  • cherry preserves / any fruit preserves - both olallieberry and apricot jam was made.
So not a total bust. Part of the backing away re: the cherry products is that the good, moderately obsessive folks over at Baking Illustrated had nothing but contempt for baked goods with Bing cherries, which are the most available here (they push for sour cherries). I got nervous about cooking with them, but may be willing to do a pot of jam with the Bings next year.

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