Wednesday, November 25, 2009

battle of the bows: SMAP vs. KinKi Kids

SMAP is a Japanese idol group (essentially a boy band, even though all the members are currently in their 30s), that intersperses releasing music with acting and hosting their variety show, SMAPxSMAP. KinKi Kids (named from a region in Japan, not on their sexual proclivities) are also a J-Pop group that used to be backup dancers for SMAP, but now are famous in their own right.

KinKi Kids were guests on SMAPxSMAP last month, and the following video shows that no matter how hip, famous, and young you are in Japan, the senpai and kohai dynamics remain STRONG -- we're talking about nearly a minute dedicated to the greeting bow:

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Molly said...

Ha! I laughed so loud when the guy actually put his whole face on the floor!