Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dusty Rhodes and the River Band, Bottom of the Hill

Last night, I went to see Dusty Rhodes and the River Band at Bottom of the Hill. This is my makeup for falling asleep at their show at the Aruba in Las Vegas last month (they didn't go on until about 1 am).

photo by max knies

I'm so glad I got a chance to see them again; they are really a tremendously dynamic live band, and even though they weren't the headliners, the crowd really seemed to get into them. Plus their music is awesome.

(I had a small, nasty moment of indie music triumph in that last part. San Francisco is such a great venue for musicians that it's really hard to keep on top of "the next great thing." I did feel some smug superiority at the idea that I was *so* ahead of the crowd by coming to see one of the opening bands, and not the headliner. The last time that feeling occurred, it was watching The Decemberists at The Fillmore; I was way proud of myself when they played "Shiny" instead of the music from Picaresque that I intentionally started singing along to impress the fans around me. Too bad the closest fan was a 15-year-old kid there with his mom. I am a sad, lame person.).

The headliner was a band called fun. which I had never heard of before. They were great, though; the lead singer was really energetic and had a great voice, the band members had a lot of fun rapport, and the crowd loved them. I sometimes suspect that bands hate when the crowd sings along to their music, but this band encouraged it.

Here's one of their videos, for "All The Pretty Girls":

And here is "Blind Lead The Blind" by Dusty Rhodes and the River Band:

The first opening band, AB & the Sea was actually a lot of fun to listen to as well; a lot of surf rock influence, which made for an energetic set. However, the lead singer didn't seem as strong, which made it a little difficult to listen to by the end. I don't think they have an album out yet, but their singles were really enjoyable.

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