Wednesday, November 25, 2009

introducing baby g

My co-worker Molly brought in her one-month-old son, Graham, to say howdy to the office.

Molly and GrahamGraham

He was pretty quiet, except that his FAVORITE THING to do that day was to look at the fire alarms and ceiling lights, so you had to hold him so that he could see. Otherwise, he was the horse whimperer. He also had this amazing ability to cry *with his mouth closed* if you can believe it.

His overalls were the best part. We joked about rolling a pack of cigarettes in the sleeve of his shirt.

Molly and Graham

True to his reputation, however, once Molly started to walk him around the floor, he immediately fell asleep.


Molly said...

So sweet! Graham feels like a celebrity, because he made it onto your blog. I love the pictures!

madichan said...

He is a total celebrity! Let me know if you can't download the photos; I can send you the files.