Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mos Def and The Roots, "Casa Bey" (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

I love Mos Def. I love The Roots. I love them together, although the only time I'd seen it was on Dave Chappelle's Block Party. However, I don't love Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, so I missed this performance back in June 2009. What made me look for it was this interview with ?uestlove in Rolling Stone. When asked to recount his "Five Best Musical Guest Collaborations," number 5 was this:
With four days' warning, I unknowingly agreed to back Mos on the equivalent of the hip-hop "Rites of Spring on 45" mashed with Frank Zappa's worst rhythm nightmare. I kicked, screamed, protested, told Mos and his label, "F--- you, you ain't ruining my rep with a song that changes meters six times in the first 30 seconds!" Then it hit me four hours before showtime: "Mos is tryin to test us!" We did the craziest cram ever known to man. With two hours left, we listened to the song about 19 times without interruption before we even attempted to practice, and then we went over it an additional 20 times before we got it halfway decent. We kept all the show songs real simple while cheat cramming in rehearsals and what do you know: We asked for a five-minute cram session and friggin' Davided the s--- outta that Goliath! That was the hardest challenge and we came out victorious.

And here's the video to prove it (via DailyMotion):

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