Thursday, December 31, 2009

filming The Road: locations

TIME has a really interesting photo essay about location scouting and shooting for Cormac McCarthy's film adaptation of The Road. The most interesting thing about it is that all the locations are real, and appear to be little altered for the purpose of the film (other than waiting for snow or ice to melt, etc.). For instance, here's the description of a scene filmed in New Orleans:
Viggo Mortensen says that filming in New Orleans was "very intense." But what better way to show abandoned urban life than the still devastated areas from Hurricane Katrina? "There are still parts of the city that haven't been touched," says Mortenson. "You still see the water-line marks on some houses. The marquee of the movie house still has the same movie that was playing that day."

via Dimension Films

It sort of hurts my heart to know that there are places in this country that can mimic a post-apocalyptic wasteland with little effort. It makes me wonder about the people who live there everyday, and how they feel about it.

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Molly said...

Agreed. I think I have that book on tape. I might need to listen to it (you know, in all my free time).