Sunday, January 24, 2010

Questlove's expalanation of walk-on music financial structures

Questlove (drummer and bandleader for The Roots), is a prolific twitterer. He occasionally posts stuff on Twitter that leaks over onto outside sites because 140 characters is just not enough to express some of the really fascinating thoughts and opinions he has on music, etc. I've usually don't crawl into the rabbit hole for these often, since I access Twitter through my iPhone, but I happened to click on one of his missives from today, about the financial structures of walk-on music. It was inspired by this tweet that he posted regarding Tom Hank's walk-on music ("Lovely Rita" by the Beatles) on Friday during Conan O'Brien's last Tonight Show.

Questlove Itw, originally uploaded by Jacques-O.

I would definitely take a few minutes to read this, if you're at all interested in this topic. There were a lot of things that I learned from this, such as any time a supermarket plays music in their stores, they have to pay the fees to use it. Or that there seems to be a hierarchy of fees depending on who you talk to. There are probably others. However, the latter fact is exemplified by this story Questlove recounts:
back when i was the music guy at the chapelle show, outkast's publisher might tell us they want $150,000 for "the way you move" in that puffy/real world/fonzworth bentley/cambodian breast milk sketch....BUT if you just ring up Big Boi and explain to him the nature of the sketch and how we just want 6 secs of it next thing you know Big Boi says "ill tell my lawyers to request the standard basic rate....if yall write me into a sketch"

deal done. we get our outkast song for 10 secs, dave and neal write big boi in that "nick cannon is hiwwalrious" sketch and the rest is comedy history.

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