Friday, February 19, 2010

NY Times: Zanmi Lakay Haiti Photography Workshop

Considering that most of the post-earthquake photographers in Haiti don't seem to be Haitian, it's great to see this photography project from the non-profit Zanmi Lakay, which supports street children in Haiti. From the NY Times Lens blog:
For two weeks, 28 young Haitians used their perspective as citizens to create a distinctive document: pictures of Haiti, as it regenerates, through the eyes of insiders.

With point-and-shoot digital cameras, students ranging in age from 9 to 18 participated in a project organized by the nonprofit Zanmi Lakay Photography Workshop, run by Jennifer Pantaléon, 48, and her husband, Guy Pantaléon, 41.

Photo by Whitnie Charles, Zanmi Lakay Photography Workshop, via NY Times

It seems like the structure of this project is similar to that of other youth photography programs with which I am familiar (First Exposures, Ghana Youth Photo Project, and Shooting Back). The mission of all of these organizations - to empower youth in documenting and representing their own lives, instead of having it done for them by outsiders - is crucial in creating a generation of people who can elicit change for themselves.

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