Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ad Hoc's chicken pot pie

I, like many others, have been absolutely twitterpated by the Ad Hoc At Home cookbook. Thomas Keller's The French Laundry Cookbook sent me cowering from the kitchen with its super elaborate recipes; Ad Hoc is much more accessible, and I love the cheeky photos with superimposed drawings that are scattered amongst the recipes.

I've already made a couple of things, but have so far intentionally chose simpler recipes to break into the cookbook's style (I've tried to tackle more complex recipes from other places, and have sometimes wound up frustrated at missed steps, etc. because I was unused to the author's style). This weekend, I decided to ramp it up...all the way to chicken pot pie.

chicken pot pie

Doing a Google search, it looks like quite a few people have already been working on this recipe (one of the best things about the popularity of this cookbook is the sort of shared cooking/baking experience amongst strangers). It looks like most people made some adjustments, which sort of speaks to the "home-style" aspect of this recipe - the entire thing is not ruined if you decide to substitute yellow-skinned potatoes for red-skinned ones. I didn't use Keller's pie crust recipe, since I have one with which I'm pleased. I also made individual pies in gratin bowls instead of one big pie.

And of course, it was delicious.

chicken pot pie

Here's Thomas Keller discussing the book, and the philosophy behind it:

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Brenda said...

Ummm ... YUM. Must check this out!