Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Manga Guide To Physics

Whit and I saw The Manga Guide to Physics in Kinokuniya yesterday:

How rad is this? Maybe if I had this book when I took high school physics, I wouldn't break out in a rash every time I hear the word "torque."

I have, of course, seen education manga in Japan (topics include Japanese history, economics, agricultural studies, etc.), but I haven't seen anything like it in English. There are Manga Guides also focusing on Statistics, Molecular Biology, Calculus, and Electricity, among others. They are published out of No Starch Press, which specializes in geeky products.

Here's an excerpt from the manga, explaining Newton's third law of motion:

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Molly said...

Those look cool!

I LOVED physics. Only a few months before the AP exam, our teacher told us that if we already had an A in the class, that would be our final grade. That he wanted us to concentrate more on the AP exam than what grade we had. The problem with that is that I no longer worked hard--I had an A. And I'm pretty sure I barely got a 3 on the AP exam. I could have rocked that exam if I hadn't half-assed the rest of the semester. Oops!