Saturday, March 20, 2010


I don't get HBO (or cable TV), but the trailer for the series Treme, focusing on the lives of New Orleanians in the months after Hurricane Katrina, looks amazing. Created by David Simon and Eric Overmyer (who also created The Wire, another fantastic show), Treme is named for one of the oldest neighborhoods in New Orleans, and an important center for African-American culture and brass band tradition in the city.

From the NOLA blog:
Simon, a frequent visitor to the city and a longtime New Orleans music fan, said this week that the stories told in "Treme" would reach beyond the music scene to explore political corruption, the public housing controversy, the crippled criminal-justice system, clashes between police and Mardi Gras Indians, and the struggle to regain the tourism industry after the storm.

"It's basically a post-Katrina history of the city. It will be rooted in events that everybody knows," Simon said. "What it's not going to be is a happy stroll through David Simon's record collection. It should not be a tourism slide show. If we do it right, it (will be) about why New Orleans matters."

The series begins on April 11. (Via Gawker).

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