Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mission Creek houseboats

During a photo shoot with First Exposures on Saturday, my group wandered over the 4th street bridge into Mission Creek. Our goal was to find, interview, and photograph native San Franciscans (tougher than it sounds), but we also encountered a piece of SF history: the houseboats.

Mission Creek houseboat

Apparently having gone through a bit of cleanup itself, along with the rest of SOMA (Mission Creek used to be called, "Shit Creek"), the area now includes a dog park, a wetland restoration project, and new condos along the banks. The houseboat community has been there for the last 50-ish years (after being relocated from Islais Creek Basin), and has signed a lease with the city allowing them to stay until at least 2055.

Here's a inside tour of the houseboats, courtesy of Curbed SF.