Saturday, June 12, 2010

Chicago, The Very Best of Chicago - Only the Beginning

I bought Chicago's The Very Best of Chicago - Only the Beginning for three reasons:
  1. Chicago is a band that my dad really liked, but I didn't. His taste in music from the 70's is almost impeccable, so I wanted to give them another shot.
  2. We were in Dana Street Roasting on Sunday, and they were playing parts of this album. It never occurred to me what a great Sunday afternoon soundtrack old-school Chicago is.
  3. I wanted to chart the exact moment in the band's transition when the horrible slide from jazz instrumentalism into VH1 pop ballads occurred (it's not as simple as the switch from vocalist Terry Kath to Peter Cetera). I haven't found that moment yet, but I have pinpointed the song in which things have already gone horribly wrong:


1 comment:

Whit said...

cheesy? for sure.
horribly wrong? no way... well maybe if it gets stuck in your head.