Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Richard Misrach, from Oakland Fires series, "Untitled #12-91" at Fraenkel Gallery

Whit and I took a field trip to San Francisco on Saturday, partly for Little Skillet's chicken and waffles, but partly for the Fraenkel Gallery's 30th Anniversary show (entitled, Furthermore). While the collection was well-curated and grouped in really fascinating ways, this Richard Misrach photo was the one that I couldn't stop looking at. It also helps that it's printed ginormously (I can't find exact dimensions, but I'd estimate it's about 7'x6').

Richard Misrach, from the Oakland Fires series, "Untitled #12-91" (1991)

The show is up through June 25.


Molly said...

So sad.

madichan said...

There's an even sadder one from the series that was also on display with a melted tricycle.

However, the National Gallery of Art has some of his gorgeous "On the Beach" series prints in a slide show, which is definitely worthwhile to see: