Sunday, June 20, 2010

things I've learned from my dad

me and Dad, cooking
  1. How to wrap a microphone cord
  2. How to make a dark roux (although his instructions for making the rest of the gumbo are to "just add things until it tastes good" - luckily, I have this recipe to fall back on)
  3. That Sly Stone "was an innovator"
  4. How to duplicate a VHS tape
  5. How to play saxophone
  6. How to read
  7. The original band names of Chicago (Chicago Transit Authority) and Lakeside (Ohio Lakeside Express)
  8. That you need to invest in systems, not just people
  9. To be the hardest-working, best-you-can-be in whatever you do
  10. How to curse somebody out if needed


Brenda said...

Looove that photo! As well as your fantastic list. :)

Molly said...

I love how much you love your dad. Seriously.

And how in the world do you look exactly like you in that picture even though you were so young! I love it!!

madichan said...

Thanks, ladies! I think it helps to look the same because I pretty much make that exact face whenever I get my photo taken. And also, I still have that apron. :)