Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Sasha, Sasha, Ras Dvi Tre!"

When I was in sixth grade, we learned square dancing in our PE class. Glad to know that 20 years later, I could finally put those skills to good use.

barn dance
some serious do-si-doing in here

Whit and I took a trip over to Pie Ranch in Pescadero for a farm community work day. I had read about this over at Weekend Sherpa. The community day includes a volunteer work afternoon on the farm, potluck, and barn dance.

line into the barn dance
hey there, guy. i see you too.

Pie Ranch is named that way because the land is shaped like a pie slice. In fact, the two main sections of the farm are called "Lower Slice" and "Upper Slice." They also specialize in making and selling pies in their farmstand. Whit and I spent a couple of hours cutting back olallieberry bushes, which had been infected with rust. Our "supervisor," Megan, was doing an apprenticeship at the farm and had been there since the end of February.

Potluck turned out to be well-attended and well-stocked. Most of the food was vegetarian, and all delicious. We managed to score some great pluots from a lady who works for Vegetable Varietal, an organic vegetable and fruit distributor based in San Francisco. We chatted a bit with the people at our table, who were all apprentice farmers in Boulder Creek.

But the barn dance was the highlight. The caller, Andy Wilson, talked everyone through each dance before we all did it. Tons of fun, and a really good atmosphere (probably helped by the fact that the potluck and barn dance were both alcohol-free). Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves in a non-ironic way.

Here's a video from the June 2010 barn dance.

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