Tuesday, October 12, 2010

FX / 826 Valencia bus shelter project

I hadn't posted about the First Exposures and 826 Valencia collaboration before, because I didn't have access to high-quality images, but my co-mentor Colin Smith took the images that the students made and magicked them into 45" by 65" posters. I believe the posters aren't up anymore (I saw a end date of September 27), but I still wanted to make a note of them, since the project was so amazing.

The project took place in Spring 2010. It involved the students, working in groups of 3 -- one from digital class, one from the film class, and one from 826 -- to choose a neighborhood and create a collaborative piece about it.

There were times when the partnership was a little challenging: the students from both programs didn't know each other, the culture of the programs were different, etc. Of course, the end results were incredible. Conflict creates the best art, right?

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