Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ceramics, 10.12.10

ceramics, 10/11/10

I'm taking an intermediate ceramics class at Stanford, which has been a nice way to do something simultaneously creative and meditative. Developing sheet film also involves those two things, but with ceramics, I can listen to music and be in the light.

My usual thing is to do short, squat bowls, but this quarter, we are starting out with mugs with handles (which I've never made before). I am also poor at making even walls all the way from the bottom, because I fear the piece collapsing. For the first week, I basically made two bowls, which were less stumpy than usual, but still bowls. Last night, I really tried to make something a bit closer to having a handle attached.

ceramics, 10/11/10

Bottom is still pretty thick, but I love trimming, so I will do the rest of my shaping at that stage. Will be pulling the handle, trimming the piece, and attaching both to each other on Wednesday if all goes well.

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