Thursday, November 18, 2010

Evidence by Godfrey Reggio

I feel like there are two kinds of households: ones that will let their kids watch lots of TV, and ones that do not.

I grew up in the former type. I had a television in my room from the time I was 6, and it was one of seven in the house (there are 3 people in my family). My dad can't sleep if the TV isn't on. I learned to tune out the television as background noise pretty early, which came in handy as I usually preferred reading.

My husband grew up in the second environment, and as a consequence, he absolutely cannot ignore a television if one is on. Because of this, we actually don't have cable television at our apartment; the TV is used for video games and movies only.

I used to argue with him about the benefits of growing up with television.: the Muppets, what marsupials are, and whether or not Mister Ed could really talk (my father crushed my hopes and dreams on that one). I believe it is perfectly fine to let kids watch TV.

Until now.

This short documentary, which watches children watching television (Dumbo, to be specific) is kind of the most horrifying thing I've seen in a while. Via Open Culture.

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