Thursday, November 4, 2010

voila: first mug

I know you've been anticipating the final version of my first mug; well, wait no more:

glazed pieces

Don't worry; no one's getting this baby for the holidays. It's pretty much the ugliest thing that I've ever made with my two hands.

On a better note, here are the other two pieces that I made at the beginning of the quarter:

glazed piecesglazed pieces

These bowls are actually quite well-balanced. I like how the brown glaze on the second piece, along with the texture, makes the bowl look like it's made out of wood.

I'm noticing that my larger bowls are starting to warp a bit as I throw them, so I'm trying to work on correcting my technique. In the meantime, I'll be deciding whether or not I want to keep throwing bowls exclusively, or try out plates. All these things I keep forgetting that you can make on a wheel...

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