Thursday, December 9, 2010

first mittens

Oh hey lookit, I knit some mittens.

first mittens
first mittens
I made up a pattern, because I don't know how to read real ones. I decided to do a buttonhole thumb that I picked up after the rest of the mitten was done because I don't know how to do an increasing thumb gusset. I also think I am just making up these phrases.


Brenda said...

o.m.g. SO impressed!

Molly said...

WHAT? I didn't know you knit! (Knitted?) Those are awesome!

madichan said...

@ Brenda: I still haven't blocked them yet, so we'll see how they look once they're "finished."

@ Molly: Brenda actually was the one to teach me how; I basically just knit one type of thing for 18-24 months and then move onto another. So I can do scarves, hats, and mittens; I think next will be socks.