Saturday, December 18, 2010

imperial stout tasting, part II

Most of the gang was back on Friday for the sequel of last week's imperial stout tasting.

imperial stout tasting, 12.17.10

I missed a couple of tasters because I went to pick Whit up from work, but am actually glad I did: there's no way I would have made it to the Parabola if there had been an extra stout or two in the middle.

Only major disappointment was 2009 The Abyss, which had fallen prey to an infection that surged through the beer forums earlier this year. All it means is that the beer was unintentionally soured because of bacterial residue somewhere along the production process. Or, as Jason put it: "It's definitely got a horse-ass flavor to it." Oh well.

imperial stout tasting, 12.17.10

This week's menu (faves are starred):
imperial stout tasting, 12.17.10

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