Friday, April 29, 2011

beneficence and tacos

The First Exposures benefit went really well; we raised over $33,000 (last year's total was somewhere north of $17,000).

Probably the best part the evening was the tag-team speech from a student-mentor pair from 1993 (the first year of the program). They had fallen out of touch after one year together, but a few months ago, the student (now in her 30s) contacted Erik through Facebook and asked if he could find her mentor's last name. She then emailed the mentor, saying that she never forgot her, or her birthday (the mentor choked up while reading the email). It was so, so touching, and just really hit home for all of us that these are significant relationships that we're building with other humans.

I also gave a speech, but couldn't remember half of what I said, not that it was important. However, since I was so nervous about it, I didn't get any photos during the event. I only have these two from the afterparty at Otis Lounge. And of course there was a taco truck:


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