Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Weekend, Day 1: Pescadero

Saturday involved a FX field trip to Pescadero.

mentors and students

Pescadero is one of my favorite places in the Bay Area, so I was excited to go with the group. I met everyone at San Gregorio beach for lunch (it would have been too out-of-the-way to drive down with them from the city when I could just pop west through the mountains). People spent a fair bit of time exploring the shore and estuary.

walking through the estuary

After that, we went to Pie Ranch for a tour. I had been before, but had never been guided around the farm. Our guide was Nancy, who is one of the owners.


I did the following things:
  1. Ate a radish flower.
  2. Met a cow named Dulce du Leche.
  3. Ate a strawberry.
  4. Avoided getting stung by bees after getting too close to the apiary.
  5. Rescued a chicken who had escaped the fence.
  6. Tried, and failed, to climb a rope.
  7. Ate pie.

feeding Dulce
radish flowers
Lucas in the fields

My friend and co-mentor Julie shot a great video of the day's events.


Molly said...

I want to go to there!

madichan said...

I'm telling you Molly, I didn't think Pescadero could get any better until I visited this place. So much fun!