Monday, April 11, 2011

sourdough bread

First loaves of sourdough bread from Linus (from this starter recipe begun on February 21, 2011). Recipe here.


A few notes:
  1. I doubled the recipe, so that I could get rid of some more starter. Also, since bread baking takes so much time, increasing the recipe means twice as much bread for about 1% more work.
  2. I decided to do loaves instead of boules, which is a decision I had made with other bread recipes recently. It's just easier to handle, control the rise, and store when in loaf form.
  3. I did the second rise in the fridge instead of the first. This was for convenience (otherwise, I would have had to wake up at 3 am to do the shaping, then again at 6 am to do the baking, and I am not actually a baker that gets paid to have those hours). The recipe recommends doing a long first rise in the refrigerator to develop the flavors; I'll probably modify my baking schedule to accommodate this.
  4. The sourdough character was not that strong (although since my starter is relatively young, I shouldn't be surprised). I'm hoping that this will develop more as the starter matures. I might also add more salt to the dough for flavor.

Baking schedule:
  • Sunday, 9 am: create sponge with 8 oz of starter + 4 oz flour + 2 oz water.
  • Sunday, 7 pm: mix in 16 oz flour + 8 oz water. Add 2 t salt + 2 T olive oil. Knead, first rise.
  • Sunday, 10 pm: halve dough, letter fold, and set into prepared loaf pans (olive oiled). Put in fridge for second rise.
  • Monday, 5 am: pull loaf pans out of fridge to warm, continue rise.
  • Monday, 8:30 am: bake for 45 minutes


Molly said...

I was totally going to try this...until you made it look complicated. ;)

madichan said...

Dude, the most complicated part is getting the starter going, and once I feel like it's mature enough, I will totally give you some. Everything else is time; the work isn't much.

Molly said...

Yes. Give me starter. I don't have the patience to make it myself. It would die. :(