Sunday, May 15, 2011

to infinity and beyond

Do you know what it's like to attend a memorial service for a toddler? It's like all the unfairness in the world distilled into one tiny white coffin.

I had never met Marcell. However, I have known his aunt, Franky, for the last seven years. She entered First Exposures when she was 11, and will be graduating from the program (and high school) this year (that's her smiling on the banner image on the FX website). She spent some time introducing me to Marcell through the photos on the memorial board. She said things like, "I'm not sad now, because he was so happy." Toy Story 3 played during the wake because, as Franky said, it was the only movie he could watch over and over again (and requested it by yelling "Toys! Toys! Toys!").

Wherever you are, Marcell, it was an honor to meet you, and I can now picture you laughing and dancing and eating because of your aunt Franky's stories.


Molly said...

Our friends' 19-month-old died suddenly last year. Toddler memorials are just plain heartbreaking. Somehow our friends have so much strength and faith in the eternal nature of our souls. I'm pretty sure our friends comforted the rest of us through their strength. Absolutely amazing. My heart goes out to this child's family.

madichan said...

Franky was a rock, which I'm sure was a huge comfort to her family. The entire time I sat at that wake, all I could think was that this little boy shouldn't have been there. I'm sorry for your friends' family.