Sunday, July 31, 2011

"bringing nothing to the party"

The distrust of outsiders -- particularly reporters; even bloggers -- isn't because the people of Las Vegas are mean; in fact everyone I met was as warm-hearted as the people I've met in any town in America. It's because every month another journalist or filmmaker comes into their small town and writes the same story, or makes the same movie...Those writers mention the wedding chapels (ho ho ho), but not the museums; they meet the comedy mayor but not the people actually making a difference downtown. And then they fuck off and leave the good people of Las Vegas to continue worrying about their mortgages, or their kids' schooling or their jobs.
For whatever reason, I completely missed Paul Carr's series on staying in Vegas for 33 days. Catching up now, starting with the epilogue and prologue.

I would have also added this: Vegas locals are also antagonistic towards tourists and short-termers because despite all of the above, we still need them to make our town run. The cynicism isn't because we are wretched, bitter people. The cynicism is because we have to continually shuck and jive for people who do not nor will ever care about us. And that's a hard thing to explain to your kids.

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