Tuesday, August 2, 2011

baseball moronathon

Saturday included a trip to Oakland Coliseum to a) participate in the Oakland A's Beerfest, and b) watch the Minnesota Twins get trounced.

Oakland A's versus Minnesota Twins

Let me just start this off by saying that the Beerfest was one of the more poorly organized events to which I have ever been. Getting our glasses necessitated standing in line for an hour, and people became pretty peeved when another group decided to just form their own line and cut in front of about 50 people (and no one was listening to the poor official trying to correct it). The Eastside Club was so packed that I inadvertently molested at least 14 people. The pours, however, were quite generous. And despite the clusterfuck, most people stayed cheerful and good-natured.

The game was a little less exciting.


Minnesota fans, after being burned by the Vikings for at least 13 years, kept up a refrained optimism. The experience was livened up at least for a few minutes by the hot chocolate vendor, who bellowed his wares as "sweet, delicious, chocolatey rip-off!" We also became a magnet for single and duo Twins fans to embroil in extremely polite and mild-mannered conversations.

Minnesota is now second-to-last in the worst division of MLB. Luckily, they have approximately 3,700 games left in the season to correct this.

Oakland A's versus Minnesota Twins
Oakland A's versus Minnesota Twins

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