Sunday, August 28, 2011

"The bike gives suffering a purpose"

“After the war, the people where I’m from really worked a lot,” [Sibo] said, and added, “To get out of the past, I think the only way is to work"...Being on Team Rwanda made him a star to the people in his village—not because it made him different, he said, but because his effort made him familiar. “They know that I suffer a lot. It’s more like they have pity for me, and they know that if I’ve earned something it’s because I worked too hard.”
The paradox is that in the name of putting the genocide behind them Rwandans have had it held constantly in front of them, as a warning of the perils of divided is not enough simply to coexist and to bury the memory of the slaughter; there is a need to make the idea of being Rwandan have greater value.
“This is the land of second chances."

Very thoughtful article in the New Yorker on the Rwandan cycling team.

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