Monday, November 14, 2011

31 rausch show post mortem

I haven't yet posted about our group show at 31 rausch from a month ago.

show installation

I was familiar with some, but not all, of my co-participants' work, so it was exciting to see how different people's pieces were.



I wish I had taken more photos of everyone's work, but here's links to everyone with internet presence: Carola, Yoni, Dane, Colin, and Sarah. (Hayes and Whitney do not have sites to which to link).

Colin got really great photos of the opening itself. A surprising number of people showed up, and I was trying to do my ethnicity justice by overseeing the music. There was a little less mixing of the groups than I was expecting, but it was still really fun to meet lots of new people. And by "fun" I mean, "fun after I had been drinking whisky because I'm scared of strangers." I did get a chance to chat with one woman about paper making, which I enjoyed since it was more about the topic of the photo as opposed to any meaning behind it.

The show was written up as part of a digest of local SF art shows. Super appreciative to Chris McCaw for giving us this opportunity to show, and for being an all-around laidback dude.

As for my first non-FX exhibition, I feel like I spent more time being a nervous wreck than anything else. I was so, so anxious to put my work out there when I didn't feel that great about it (I'm not sure if this was a function of the work not being objectively good or the fact that I had been staring at and tweaking it constantly over the course of a week). Mainly, it has to do with the perspective that I don't think of myself as a Real Life Photographer (more of someone who can take good snapshots), and so it was hard to put myself in the company of folks whose work I admire, and who really do try to express themselves artistically. I have mixed feelings about whether or not I would do something like this again.


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