Sunday, March 18, 2012

21 weeks

Hi Goma-chan,

I've been feeling you flopping around regularly, drumming a little beat under my liver and then quickly moving down to rest across my cervix. It's been both exciting and strange to nudge around for where you are and feeling something hard. And then I quickly stop, because as your dad says, I don't want to "rub your eye off." I am jealous of your ability to sleep on and off through the day, but I woke you up this morning percussing for the top of my uterus. You also perked up with your dad and me singing the theme song from Oklahoma!, which gives me hope that you will be as easily amused by random things as we are. Or at least, classical musicals.

I'm getting a little nervous about how you and I are going to be sharing this space over the next 4 months, but people assure me that these sorts of things usually work out. Your dad and I are also alternating between the worry about all the things needed to prepare for your arrival, and the pragmatism of "a place to sleep, food, and diapers." Oh, and a car seat, so we can actually leave the hospital with you without being arrested. Priorities!

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