Tuesday, March 13, 2012

coming soon...

There's been some recent developments.

So far, so good. This has been a relatively uneventful pregnancy, but I'm not silly enough to assume it will stay that way. At five months, I am clearly showing, which is nice on one hand (evidence that I didn't just eat a big sandwich), but weird on the other (people are starting to touch my abdomen, even though the kid isn't anywhere above my belly button yet). Also, I tried to bike commute yesterday, and wore myself out.

I've been writing weekly notes to the kiddo, which I'll publish back dated now that I've gone public. The positive messages have been so touching.


Molly said...

I can't get enough of this ultrasound picture. It has got to be the best I've ever seen. I'll take that as evidence that you're going to have one cute baby. And I can't believe people touch your belly. I'm pretty sure I only had one person touch mine and that was a nurse in a hospital who just couldn't resist. OH! Speaking of personal boundaries, remind me to tell you who stopped by.

(Re-typing the word verification, because I obviously cannot read letters.)

madichan said...

Haha, Molly, I think we were lucky in that the kiddo stayed still during the nanosecond that I had stopped giggling (which I did throughout 85% of this ultrasound visit)! I think it did get tired of getting prodded so much, because the last two images are of it showing us its butt.

One of the belly-touchers was a faculty member, which I thought was funny.

I am sure I can predict who came by :)