Sunday, March 4, 2012

photo laxity


I haven't used my DSLR since November.

For me, if I don't make photography a "habit," I find myself slipping further and further into self-consciousness. Like, "well, I haven't shot in a while, so the next time I do, it needs to be spectacular." I've stopped pulling it out for day-to-day events and activities. I keep wanting to save it for something extraordinary. And this is dumb, but I can't seem to help myself. What I decided to do last week is switch out my DSLR for my original film camera, and started shooting color film. It's also been a little bit of a process, but at least I've been taking a few photos every week or so. What's dumb is that I should feel *more* pressure with a film camera, since I only have 36 exposures as opposed to a phat ass memory card, but I think because I don't see the picture right away, it's easier for me to take a step back from what I'm trying to do. I would also love to go back to shooting 4x5 for the same reason.

I *have* been shooting a lot with my iPhone, however. I guess since the photos don't seem "real," there's less pressure. Since I haven't shared photos in quite a while, here's some stuff from my Instagram:

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