Thursday, August 2, 2012

step 3

I'm trying to knit a baby cardigan, but have gotten completely stuck on step 3 ("CO 5(6:7:8:9) sts at beg of next 8 rows" = me with a comical face).

We had our 41 week checkup with the ob/gyn today, and even though the baby's head is low, my cervix is still pretty posterior, which means no one is closer to getting out (I am imagining the baby banging its tiny fists on my bladder, whispering "give us us free"). We scheduled an induction for next Thursday, with a fetal non-stress test for Monday to make sure the kiddo is tolerating things well. I could tell my ob wanted to schedule the induction a bit earlier in the week, but I am hoping with all of my being that things move along on their own before I have to jump start events in a hospital room.

Up to this point, I had been making quips about the baby needing to decide when it was ready, but now it feels more like the baby has been ready for a while, and it's my body that is holding up the process. My cervix is stuck at step 3. I am also nervous that we may be waiting too long, and the best place for this kid is no longer inside my body. I feel a bit like a failure as a human being (no one ceases reminding me that my "body was made to do this" which just makes me want to kick them in the shin).

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Molly said...

Or punch them in the face? ;) My remedy with #2 was to go get my membranes stripped and then go on a walk/jog for an hour. That did the trick. (But, of course, doesn't mean it would work for anyone else.) Hang in there.