Monday, September 3, 2012

one month

Dear Linnea,

You are one month old today, and it is crazy to me that it's been that long. When you first arrived, it felt like each day was creeping along, because I was so anxious and scared that I was messing up.

[Linnea, this is in no way a reflection of you, but merely my fears of doing right by you coming to the forefront].

The last week or so, however, has been flying by.

Things you have done so far:
  1. Met your grandmother Nordis.
  2. Met your grandfather Alonzo and grandmother Kyoko.
  3. Went with me on various errands and appointments.
  4. Gone through approximately 220 diapers.
  5. Rolled over onto your back because you were so upset about tummy time.
Things you like:
  1. Your activity mat.
  2. Eskimo kisses.
  3. Being in the Moby wrap.
  4. Being rocked, bounced, driven, or experiencing some other type of movement.
  5. Being swaddled (although you fought it initially).
  6. Breastmilk.
  7. Falling asleep on people (as I'm writing this, you are asleep on my chest).
Things you do not like:
  1. Getting your hair washed.
  2. Pacifiers.

You are super strong; you've been able to arch your back since birth, and can push off with your legs. After we wash your hair (which you HATE), it dries and winds up looking like a cockatiel's crest. You fight sleeping, but grudgingly succumb after some coaxing (your eyes close when I stroke your forehead). You used to nurse to sleep, but now you rarely do; you prefer to be swaddled and bounced. This takes at least 15 minutes because despite your exhaustion, you would rather look around, your eyes dark and shiny. You sleep long stretches in the evening, and sometimes so soundly that I put my hand on your chest to make sure you're still breathing. You hardly ever cry unless you're hungry. You have a cleft in your chin.

I am looking forward to seeing how your personality develops, what kind of kid you'll be, and what kind of mother I'll be.

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Juicy J said...

Before you have a baby a month seems like, well, a month. After baby, a month feels like 15 minutes. I try to take photos and video of the precious moments because time seems like one big blur to me at this point (still!).

This is awesome. I hope one day Linnea reads this and knows how much effort it took to actually sit down and write something online. Usually when baby naps that's when moms go into super cleaning/laundry/attempt to take a shower mode!!