Monday, October 29, 2012

three months

Dear Linnea,

You are three months old today, and oh, all the places you've come.

three months

You have found that your right fist and your mouth go together like rama lama lama
ke ding a de dinga a dong.

You are making some amazing noises. Most of them are super sweet (cooing, raspberries), but you've also been working on this high pitched squeal that either means "I'm happy" or "I'm about to turn it up to 11 on the rage-face scale" (I can't tell yet). The books say to repeat back what you do, and I always feel a little dumb doing it at first, but you always start laughing so that erases all the self-consciousness.

Before you turned three months old, there was very little pressure on how we got you to sleep, how we interacted with you, whether or not we stuck with routines. Now that you're three months, I feel this enormous pressure to start transitioning you to independence or else you will be RUINT 4 LYFE. I think we're supposed to be doing this gradually, but we tried to do a lot of things all of a sudden, some of which has worked and some of which hasn't. We tested out weaning you out of the swaddle by keeping one of your arms out, but that didn't seem to work super well yet. Your dad decided to double down and swaddle you with both arms out for a nap (which you woke up from 30 minutes later). Your dad is a born optimist.

We have four more weeks together before I go back to work, and that sort of took me by surprise when I realized it. For some reason, it feels like we've been together forever. I'm wondering how we'll both feel when I am at work, and you are at daycare. You seem like a much more resilient and adaptable person than me, so I suspect you'll be fine and I'll be a mess. I am imagining how this relationship will play out over the next 18 years.

[History notes]
  1. Your Aunt Brooke, Uncle Lorenzo, and cousin Isabella are currently experiencing the effects of Hurricane Sandy over on the East Coast. We are hoping that they (along with our other loved ones) are safe and sound.
  2. The San Francisco Giants just won the World Series last night. I sort of feel like I should take you up to the city to experience the celebration, but let's be honest: you'll scream for most of the car ride, and I don't really like baseball anyway.

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Molly said...

Your entire last paragraph (pre-history notes) made me tear up. Loved it. She'll be fine. And you will be eventually. ;)